Monday, April 20, 2009

Monday Blueprint Madness

I'm amused by the horrors posted on Lovely Listings. I'm finding this to be a pot o' gold for funny pictures, although not all are blueprint goofs. Fortunately, there are a few I can pick on. Here's one that made me giggle:

Is this really for people with ultra-long legs? The average joe will be left with their footsies swinging. Orienting this potty back to the wall would make a little more sense....but not much. This is next to the hot water heater, right? Is the water heater really in the shower?

It does look like maybe the toilet has been pulled from its original position and left sitting there for someone else to deal with, but I'm not sure I would have included this photo in my on-line sales pitch.

In case you think the Bible doesn't have anything to say about bathrooms: "Designate a place ... where you can go to relieve yourself." (Deuteronomy 23:12) This is a good tip in general for homeowners. Bathrooms should be dedicated, not combined with utility rooms or other functional areas. And if your bathroom is a fixer-upper, don't include photos that reflect the impossible nature of the work to be done!



dallasdiva said...

Oh dear. .. only you could manage to get a messed up bathroom to align with a Biblical quote . . .Such a precious holy roller.

Heidi said...

Too funny. After playing the game of real estate for what seemed like ages I can't imagine why anyone would put that picture up!