Saturday, April 18, 2009

Café Chat April 18th

Today's topic:

On a scale of 1-10, with a 10 representing the strongest, rate your current prayer life. Why did you rate yourself as you did?
If you are struggling with your prayer life, make a list of possible stumbling blocks to a more intimate prayer life with Jesus.

Make a list of how we can grow closer to Jesus in our prayer life as well.

These days I would say I'm operating in the range of 7.5. This is based on comparison with my own personal best and worst. Most of us can probably look at a time in our lives when our prayer life was in the pits.

After Cursillo I swam in prayer. I woke up every morning and spent about an hour immersed in prayer. These days I stay in close communion with God, but I do wish I was spending more time dedicated to prayer and quiet meditation.

The biggest challenge is making time for dedicated prayer. I'm glad for all of the quick "check-ins" throughout the day but there is nothing like a spa-treatment, right? Fully soaking in the well of living water and emerging fresh and ready to face the world. Just thinking about it makes me wonder how to carve that time back out of my busy days.

A list of how we can grow closer to Jesus in our prayer life:

1) Begin each day with thanks.
2) Consider whose approval I'm seeking at every decision during the day.
3) Imagine that God and Jesus are following my Tweets.
4) Embrace the Spirit within me and allow the Spirit to guide my choices.
5) End each day in prayerful meditation.

I am currently trying to do most of these things. Now that the weather is warmer I should be able to park my sleepy self in the sun room every morning for that spa-like prayer-bath. That would make the biggest difference in my prayer life, no doubt about it. Let item 1 take an hour and the rest of the day flows like buttermilk. Tomorrow is a new day and this week is a week of new beginnings. Check back in next Saturday, I'll let you know how it's going.


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I enjoyed reading your post today... Thanks for participating weekly... Kim