Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Tips for Better Living

Sunday our oldest grandson celebrated his 4th birthday. His birthday was 4/5 but {insert long story} the celebration was 4/19, way up north near Syracuse, NY. Deep in the heart of Texas, we celebrated our youngest grandson's baptism. Ironically, the outfit worn by the youngest g-son was purchased for our oldest grandson's baptism.
After I bought this outfit for the oldest g-son's baptism, a cold front came through (it was December, so I guess that sort of freaky nature business should be expected). I ran out and bought a warmer outfit (long sleeves and pants). BCF wouldn't take the original outfit back! It hung in our entry closet, with tag, with receipt clipped to tag over 3 years.

Meanwhile, we've been patiently waiting for D#2 to arrange for her son's baptism. And she did. And so we found ourselves this Saturday, stopping by to see if the outfit might happen to fit (it's size "18mos" and he's only 10 mos). Surprise! Surprise! Saints be praised! It could NOT have been a better fit. Totally made to order.

And, he could not have been a better angel on this special day. He didn't fuss or fidget at all! He has a history of crying at men with facial hair, but somehow our priest's facial hair didn't phase him.

For reference, from December '04,our oldest grandson's baptism:

It's this kinda thing that keeps me from breaking free from my packrat tendencies.

But, I also see God's hand at work. How can I not? It was a beautiful service and I'm delighted to welcome our youngest family member into the family of Christ!


"Chris is risen," pass the "Hoy Spirit," praise the "Price of Peace." (3 classic typos noted in the Baptism service. My family will look back fondly on these new reverent references...but that's the subject for another post entirely.)

My tip for today: Trust God in all things. Amen.


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Lovely, Fran. How great for you to witness that...to be a part of it.