Thursday, December 18, 2008

Family Night! And a grades discussion

T fixed a delicious pasta dinner. He cleaned up after himself as he cooked so the kitchen was effectively clean when we sat down to eat. The dishwasher was quickly loaded and started. The tough question was not "What are we going to do for family night?" (because we had already agreed that tonight we'd tour the neighborhood) or "Are we walking or riding our bikes?" but "Is it better to discuss grades before or after our together time?"

It would be great if we didn't have to discuss grades, however, 3 classes with failing grades (6 week average) warrant a discussion - if only to ask "what's going on? what can we do to help?" Since he's not allowed on the computer if he's not passing his courses, this means that his plans for Christmas break (mid-6 weeks) are vastly affected by his grades (deja vu from last year). His dad jumped in with "the semester averages are all passing". (I'm not sure why he and his dad bicker so much given that sort of help.) I thought we were doing this on a "per six week" basis. Did we write this down anywhere???

The discussion left T grouchy, but he recovered and we enjoyed our walk around the neighborhood looking at the Christmas (and Hanukkah) decorations.

Peace on Earth, good will towards men (and boys),


Jeanette said...

The lights sounds like fun.... the grade discussion, not so much. =0(

I hope that we can get together tomorrow. It looks like 3:30 is a GO!!! YEAH!

Barbara therextras said...

We have similar issues here, but with a feminine slant. We have similar restrictions - the computer.

Hubby and I have a bit more confidence, the second time around now.

I am resassured that we are dealing with similar issues, similarly. sml. bb