Friday, December 19, 2008

Bills to pay

Alas, my self-declared "independent" rebel teen #3 apparently hasn't paid her bill for housing. I'm in uncharted waters of parental experience (at least from my perspective). The bill came here, addressed to me (because when the university housing called to tell me the letter they sent to our address was returned, I told them to write my name in - not sure if C had put in a change-of-address...and suspecting, yes suspecting...a bill).

I should mention a) said teen is in town (she notified her younger brother "T") and b) we received a Christmas card that implied she had no intention of seeing us over the holiday break (she returns to school mid-January). We're going to be away so maybe she's just assuming. Her Christmas card was sweet, thanking us for the cards I sent during the semester, and the "Finals survival kit" she got for - you guessed it - finals. She enclosed a card for her brother that included a $20. Maybe it's a leap, but I'm jumping to the conclusion that she's thinking she's not going to see us.

So, about that bill... I can a) ignore it and let the dire (yeah, right) consequences follow (these include possibly getting dropped from Spring enrollment, or having her transcript "held"), b) try to contact her, c) put all of the accumulated mail in an envelop and send it to her at her girlfriend's house (where she's staying).

I've crocheted a winter cap for each of the kids (Ssssh!! Don't tell them!!!) and we're contemplating a gift card (or "what do we get her?") so I was already pondering communication/invitation. I'd assumed we would see her to deliver her Christmas presents. With her presents, we could deliver her mail without comment.

I'm going to sleep on it and pray on it. I do trust God above my own judgment* when it comes to raising my chirrun.

*I could have just ended that sentence at "judgment".



Barbara therextras said...

I like that word chirrun. I'm gonna have to use that. I'm still working-on including the word patoot somewhere - which I saw on someone else's blog. I'm not much help. Lots of factors to consider, unknown to me. 'Cept that the sleep and prayer are good methods for improving judgment. bb

you gotta wonder said...

I'm still noodling on this one.