Monday, November 3, 2008

Reality Check

An update from the home front:

1) T did his chores this weekend without being prompted, and without complaint.

2) T is not passing all of this classes. We had a rough morning - high conflict. He's put off a project which is due tomorrow. He wanted a ride to school so he could be there by 8 to work on the project with a classmate. Snotty Bad attitude soured parental responses. Today was my 1st day at the new job so I wasn't up for the last minute diversion.

**I'd like to note that he was in a fine mood when I got home and we had a lovely conversation. He really is a good sport.

This weekend, I didn't realize he wasn't passing Band (and is marginal in Geo) or he would have lost Computer/TV privileges. The worst is, I'm ready to book tickets to see Precious Grandson #1 but the deal was he had to passing .... so now we're not going to buy his ticket. I pray that he doesn't go into the "why bother" mode, but I also trust that he will learn the lesson and we can stop this cycle. He is so smart. It is tragic to watch our children target mediocrity.

It is our obligation to our creator to make the most of the gifts He has given us. How do I instill this in my children? How do you? Is it "the generation"?

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