Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Powder Blue Slug Bug, no tag back!

If you don't play, you're missing out. My sister and I play. My son and I play. Lots of people play!

I live in (or near) Austin, Texas - not just the live music capital but maybe even the slug bug capital (US, not even touch European claims). Lots of hippies in this neck of the woods.

This picture is from Bryan, Texas where I was bored out of my mind last weekend.

If you read the rules of engagement for "slug bug" (aka "Punch Buggy") you will note that you have to call out the color of the vehicle. My sis and I have upped this by adding adjectives to spice things up. Puce, gun-metal, pond-scum, porcelain, chartreuse .... break out your thesaurus if you want to play with us! I should mention that since she lives 200 miles from here we have to text each other with sightings. Unless we happen to be on the phone, which is often the case - with only one of us actually on the road at the time.

I enjoy playing with my son and it is a great way to break the tension. My loving hubby contributes occasionally, but only since we added adjectives.

Lesson for today: It is important to play games, have fun, and keep things in perspective. And keep your eyes open! You never know when you might spot a slug bug!

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