Sunday, November 2, 2008

Young adults of God

This is Part II of "Children of God." The subject has been on my mind, and after much distilling and finally producing yesterday's cup-0-blog, I'm left with some stiffer stuff. I thought I would limit heavy-duty entries, but I have to go with the flow....

One of my very first posts on this site was a tribute to The Prodigal Son. It is easy for me to relate to the father who must have spent hours toiling in the field wondering "where did I go wrong?" There's no mention of his wife, but she was surely in the kitchen kvetching. Raised in a multi-generational family of Episcopalians, we joke about the Jewish mother in all of us. If we are true to our Old Testament roots, we are not far from our Jewish genes.

In today's Sunday School Adult Education Class we strayed from the subject (Ecclesiastes 4:9-16) and got to talking about parent/child relationships. I was hit by the realization that just as I'm most affected by M's turning to us by choice, God has deliberately given us the freedom to choose. He wants a relationship with us because we choose to seek Him. Independence does not require us to neglect the relationship. In independence we can choose dependence. We can, and should, seek a relationship with our Father.

M likes to think we kicked her out, but what we told her was that if she wanted to remain at home she had to follow the rules. Similarly, God has told us that if we want to remain in relationship with him, he has certain expectations. Love Him, and love each other.

I love the blogging community. I have a kajillion things I want to post about. I have another site for non-parenting stuff. In my NoNaBloPoMo (November National Blog Posters Month) commitment for this site, I find myself interwoven with a commitment I made to the Almighty. I will be here daily, but what I post is subject to my daily prayers.

What I thought I'd post today was "Pass It On". If you want Zinnia seeds, click this link.


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