Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A family that gunslings together, clings together?

To be precise, going to the firing range together may not qualify as gun slinging, and "clinging" is not necessarily the goal of a non-dysfunctional family, but...it's good to have activities that can be enjoyed with minimum bickering. Taking turns firing weapons at non-threatening paper targets is something we have come to appreciate as a family activity. Wearing ear-plugs greatly cuts down on the bickering.

I firmly believe that common experiences establish a foundation that will get us through "the tough times". Seeing Mom beaned by a discharged shell is certainly a tale to tell in the cafeteria. Son, I'm here for you.

Lesson learned during today's practice: Fire the small caliber pistol (little holes) 1st. Large caliber (which masks the little holes) 2nd. Otherwise you can't tell where the little holes ended up in the sea of big holes (technical terms: small caliber = .22, large caliber = .45)



Princess Abigail said...

Gosh, thats quite some family activity! I loved the comment about the ear-plugs... an effective way of reducing bickering eh?

Our family activity takes place on Sunday mornings. We cycle over to the aerodrome a couple of kilometres away, and we watch the airplanes take off and then ... thud ... thud ... thud ... all these parachutists starting falling out the sky and landing before us. "It's raining men" suddenly has a whole new meaning! The five of us say nothing much, but just bond in the being together stuff ...

A bientot!

therextras said...

Brave post, my Friend. Over here I will admit we did this once - at Older Teen's request - last holiday season as a matter of fact. Interesting experience.

The only angst that particular day was after we stopped at the new Bass Store. Younger Teen who as more than an affinity for animals called the place a 'cemetery' - because of all the taxidermy. That story will be told for years to come. Barbara

you gotta wonder said...

I'm not sure how we'll look back on these times, but I'm glad our memories will include more than just night after night of "television in separate rooms" (except me in a 3rd room blogging).