Monday, November 24, 2008

Puzzles - reduce, reuse, recycle

Sometimes, like now, I'm faced with a situation that leaves me puzzled. Since "C" left home, "T" has wanted to maintain a relationship with her. Mostly she's ignored his efforts - not surprising given she's a freshman in college and he's a freshman in high school. My concern - I don't think she is a particularly good influence at this point in her life, but I think that is temporary. The current situation has been difficult enough, but now it seems he is being sneaky/cagey about his communication with her - to the point of deleting the entries from the call-log on his cell phone. Since her lying to us was the source of many conflicts, I consider his lying to us about talking to her more fodder for my concerns. :(

Speaking of puzzles.... it's puzzle-time! The winter holiday means it's time to break out the jigsaw puzzles. This year we've picked up a couple of puzzles from Walter Wick, Co-creator of the "I Spy" books. In the absence of sunshine, outdoor activities, and other distractions, there's nothing like zoning out and focusing in on the rhythm of finding and placing pieces together until the picture, no matter how random, is formed.

I wish I could methodically put together the pieces to clarify the picture of our family dynamics and to identify the hidden items.

While I ponder the meaning of life and other imponderables, I'll rest assured that we're being environmentally friendly. Our new puzzle claims to Reduce (contains 90% recycled materials and vegetable-based inks) Reuse (share this puzzle with a friend or donate to a local charity) Recycle (puzzle is 100% biodegradable - leave for curbside pickup).



Anonymous said...

Another thing we have in common - love of jigsaw puzzles! However, I will not allow myself to bring one out until about mid-Dec. I'm working on deadline for a project now - too much to do - really too much to be commenting!

you gotta wonder said...

Puzzles are definitely another addiction for me. I can't walk past the table without getting drawn in.