Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Blueprint Madness

This morning I've been thinking about honesty and the importance of presenting things as they are. It doesn't matter how this mantle is situated, it doesn't change the location of the fireplace. Reality doesn't change as a function of how we present ourselves.

I've found myself challenged recently by the need to reflect back to an individual a reality in which they are off-center. I believe it is important for them to know they are off-center. I don't think it's fair to surprise people with the consequences of their imbalance without first making them aware of the situation. This fireplace can do nothing about its situation. As individuals, we can. Through prayer we can access the Almighty and through Him all things are possible. Whether the individual changes or his circumstances change - I'm hopeful.

And for myself, I pray that I am an effective mirror - reflecting in truth the reality that needs to be shared.

1 comment:

Heidi said...

You know how I love blueprint madness. I just don't get what people are thinking.

Have a great week, Fran.