Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday Blueprint Madness

This real estate listing has 1 bedroom, 1 bath, a living room and a breakfast nook with a stove/oven. What more could a person need? It has everything. Private. Neat. Set apart from the world. Very tranquil, indeed. Only $850/month.

I'm not too sure about the stairs, though. I think getting the groceries up the ladder might be a bit of a challenge. This loft is described as "a separate part of a single family home."

I'm reminded of how, at times, we set God off in a separate part of our lives. He can stay in the loft, out in the back corner of the lot. Maybe He's somewhere quiet and peaceful that we can seek out when life is troubling or complicated. Maybe we have to be very committed to the effort to spend time with Him. Willing to climb a rickety ladder. Willing to put ourselves "out on a limb."

Or, we could invite God into our lives. Let Him walk with us, sleep with us, watch TV with us, eat with us, work with us, Twitter with us, Blog with get the idea. Then that precariously perched loft will be available for rent payers.

Don't leave God sitting alone waiting for you in that quiet tranquil place. Let Him bring His peace to you, into the midst of the chaos and madness that is our world today. I dare you. I'm doing it. One day at a time I'm transforming my heart, my mind, my spirit; truly giving myself to God. And He is giving Himself to me. And I am wholly blessed and redeemed.


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Heidi said...

At 850?? They have GOT to be kidding!!
I love that you can always find a way to make something meaningful and provoke thought.