Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday Blueprint Madness

Technically, this is art.

Sometimes, as I wend my way through life, I feel like I'm living something similar. Ups and downs, not getting anywhere even though my perspective is changing and I seem to be working hard.

I've been looping back a lot lately. Playing the same conversations over again. Not replaying dialogues like we do after a weird conversation. No, I mean self-talk ... arguing internally. Talking to my soul.

Maybe this sense of deja vu is the result of weeding the same flower beds, pruning the same trees, going over the same ground I've gone over before.

Meanwhile, I'm working up the nerve to try something different. To trust God's guidance as I leave the track I'm on and venture out into new territory. The Holy Spirit gives us power to do things we never dreamed. There's comfort in the paths we know. The familiar places make us feel strong and confident. But me, I'm talking to myself. Telling my soul, "Be strong. Rest in the knowledge of God's love. Trust Him. Step out in faith."

Praise God!


Anonymous said...

(Another) Amen!

I can use both your visual and your words and your gardening example for self-examination. Thank you, ygw.

Now, I gotta wonder, if you might give an example of path you are re-visiting. (Nosey me.)

Heidi said...

Good for you in the stepping out. It takes courage and faith and you have a lot of both.