Saturday, February 21, 2009


Alone in Taipei. I'm glad I came early but I do tend to get homesick. Here are some of the roses my loving hubby gave me on Valentine's day.

It's Saturday night here and I'm heading for the sack. The Cafe Chat team haven't posted this week's topic yet (it's still pretty early back in the States) so it seems appropriate to post a little piece of home as an interim measure.

If you're interested, you can see a little of what I saw today.


Heidi said...

these are dreamy.

you gotta wonder said...

Yes. Hubby done good. :)

I'm glad I took pictures so I can continue to enjoy them.

Anonymous said...

ditto Heidi.

We just "Fireproof". Have you seen it?

I have traveled a bit for my work, in the past. Usually, the most distinct pleasure was to have full control of the remote. chkl. [We really don't watch much tv.]

So you are likely waking up about now, I guess. Have a wonderful day!