Monday, February 9, 2009

Monday Blueprint Madness

If you think you are on the stairway to heaven (clear and open communication & direction from "above") enjoying an easy, smooth and effortless ride, duck!


Anonymous said...

You got that right!


I don't think my comment yesterday makes sense, now. Maybe I meant to typed that I am 'helped by this one daily'. This blog=one. Ahem.)

Heidi said...

How funny is that and...ouch!

Jeanette said...

This totally reminded me of the signs in Japan that are on the elevators that show a person who sticks their head out of the side and gets it caught on the ceiling as it passes from one floor to another. OUCH! Keep your head and hands inside the vehicle at all times! And in this case... duck!

you gotta wonder said...

It does seem to me that whenever the "ride" is going too smoothly, I'm likely in for some sort of rude awakening.

Anonymous said...

I was just thinking of you, when your responses to comments started flowing into my inbox!

Your response here is how I have often felt. Just when I'm feeling confident of myself, I am taken down. Time or maturity has modified this - fewer ups-and-downs and less crashing on the downs.

Prayer has helped the most. And of course, His answers to my prayers.

Observing others, I've often thought that some people create their own problems. In fact, it's one of those psychological tenets - if you only know how to do one 'dance' then you must create the music to go along. Some people seem to be 'patterned' into behaviors. Changing from these behaviors is not easy.

I've gone on long here - not thinking that you create your own problems, but that after I observed others, it did help me take a step back and observe myself, better.

And, I do believe the source for all the psychological understanding is God. He made us this way. Barbara

you gotta wonder said...

Barbara, your last comment is definitely thought-provoking. I am not much into drama, but I do know what you mean about others. I've seen a lot of that behavior. I also know that we *must* rely on Him...even when things are going smoothly.