Sunday, June 6, 2010

Cleaning carpets

We've invested in a rental property. This is part of my retirement strategy. No joke. Some day I hope to be doing something else. In order to get there, we bought a house that we hope to rent. But first, the carpet must be cleaned. I came armed with chemicals.
Cleaning the stains left behind by another family gave me an opportunity to "introspect". I spent hours today praying for the family that was (a foreclosure - is that why they made no effort to clean up after themselves?) and praying for the family that will be (Lord, let this house be filled with love).
Spot cleaning, steam cleaning...and voila! The carpet looks (almost) as good as new!

Next, I tackled the master bedroom. The photos don't do justice to the layer of dog hair that covered the floor. And the stains were worse than the living room. Oddly, the children's rooms were not too bad. The master bedroom, though ... {shudder}.
The biggest stain was probably rust. I can ignore that it looked like blood.

Much better:Another round of cleaning in the master bedroom may be required. I'm not entirely satisfied with the results but time/hunger demands interfered with prayerful meditation.

Most importantly: the house is now "listed". Anyone interested in renting a house in Hutto? It comes with blessings!

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