Monday, March 22, 2010

Taking the High Road

Last week I had an unpleasant encounter with a pair of "Christian women" who demonstrated unchristian behavior. Yesterday I concluded that I would not confront the offenders directly. Instead, I wrote an article for the Examiner about motives for good deeds.

I also read a few rants from other bloggers about snarky trolls leaving anonymous criticism, people sending judgmental e-mails, etc. I realize blogs are a great place to shake off whatever ails our peace of mind, so I'm following suit.

I recognize that I am probably the worst person to confront the women who offended me - not because I'm incapable of the diplomacy and tact required to present my case but because my motives will not be trusted. They believe their criticism of me is justified. In their eyes I did wrong. They don't see anything wrong with their actions and they certainly don't think they're wrong in their judgment.

I have to look inside my own heart and decide what action I will take. In the moment I was caught in a no-win situation. I only had a second to consider my options and I did what I thought was best. As I said in my last post, sometimes the best option is to say "you're wrong" and to walk away. In a few months I will cross paths with these women again. Between now and then, I will keep them in my prayers. And I pray that when we meet again, my path will be the high road.

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