Thursday, March 3, 2011


Sitting on a park bench,
Enjoying the sunshine,
Listening to the sound of birds chattering and calling to one another,
Breathing in the fresh, heady scent of Spring blossoms;
Eyes closed, face tilted up, the corners of my mouth lifted in a smile.

My smile of contentment reveals the peace I feel,
But it doesn’t tell the whole story.
I am filled with wonder; I am filled with joy.
God’s gratuitous grace abounds.

In this mid-morning reprieve the day pauses in suspense,
Like an inhaled breath, like my life,
Waiting for me to exhale,
To step forward in faith.

(Inspired by 100 word challenge: "Gratuitous")


barbara said...

God’s gratuitous grace abounds.

Indeed it does. He is mighty and powerful and loving and GOOD. Amen, sister. Good use of the word.

Tara R. said...

Sometimes you just have to be still and listen. Nicely done.

June B. Anderson said...

This reminds me! I love to sit in the sunshine and feel its warmth on my face and smell the flowers. God IS so good! Thanks for this peace-bringing work of art.

Anonymous said...

Your words conveyed the feeling well-enough for me to feel it, too.

Lance said...

evocative, I felt it all. Good job.

evenstarwen said...

What a wonderful moment that you can take throughout the day. We all need an extra awareness of grace.

Velvet Verbosity said...

Lovely moment, thank you for sharing it!