Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stop judging, people!

The strangest thing is going on, all across this blessed cyberspace and even in the realms of real world. People are judging people. It's gone on for years...I know this. I accept it for what it is. But there seems to be so much inappropriate butting in lately I thought it worthy of mention.

Criticizing comments made in person or anonymously via blogs are still a symptom of the devil seeking to get a foothold. Most of the attackers seem to consider themselves good people, maybe even good Christian people...yet they are as far from the body of Christ as they could be. It is unhealthy to attack and criticize. It's like looking in the mirror and hating your own body. That's no way to live.

I spent last weekend serving on an outside team supporting an "inside team" for Kairos, a prison ministry. At the end of the weekend some of the women seemed to think that their contribution was more worthy of recognition than the contribution of others.

I'm reminded of the widow who only gave a nickel, but it was all that she had. If all someone could contribute was a Sunday afternoon, but that time was all they had...they gave more than a someone with all the time in the world who spent 4 days supporting the ministry. And why on earth are we even comparing contribution? Is that what ministry comes down to? I pray not.

And someone decides to quit drinking and somehow they come under attack? And another is accused of making money off of her children, the death of her father, her nephew's health? And someone took the time to write a lengthy letter enumerating perceived offenses? Really? How is this healthy? It's not.

The Bible says "judge not, lest you be judged". In every one of the instances I've noted, the folks who cast aspersions opened themselves to attack. My suggestion for all of us is to stand tall and walk away. Try to avoid the temptation to rebut, to defend, to counter-attack.

Lord, Thank you for being our shield and our armor. You are our strength and our protector.

After sleeping on it, I feel compelled to amend my thoughts here: There are some occasions when we have to stand up and say to the offender "You're wrong! Your way of thinking is counter to scripture." Then we can (and should) walk away. It's rarely effective to argue with folks who have already let the devil take up residence in their hearts. But we can (and should) keep them in our prayers.

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Anonymous said...

"judge not, lest you be judged".

It's rarely effective to argue with folks who have already let the devil take up residence in their hearts.

Seems contradictory to me. Don't judge then two sentences later assume they are consumed by the Devil.