Sunday, December 20, 2009

Life Interrupted

A reality of traveling to China (or anywhere on the other side of the world) is that the trip doesn't end upon arriving home. Jet lag is a souvenir that hangs around for a week or two then is gone, leaving only hazy memories of the days spent in a sleep-deprived stupor. I shouldn't schedule anything important during the week following these overseas trips. I should just add a week to the trip agenda and pretend I'm still out of the country.

One thing that makes travel to China exceptional is that while in China, Facebook, Twitter and Blogger are all blocked (or at least, they were blocked from the hotel I was in). I could get to Blogger while in the factory, but that is because I had access to a secure network in Taiwan. But the connection was painfully slow. And I tended to be busy working when I was at the factory.

The nutshell is that I fell hopelessly behind and felt ridiculously out of touch when I got back to the States on Monday. And, I had to overcome jet lag. Jet lag and exhaustion. One symptom of jet lag is insomnia. It's ironic that in fighting the time change (14 hours difference between there and here) our bodies fight sleep. I'm starting to get over the worst of it. Just in time for the holidays. Fortunately I'm not going into the office for 2 weeks so I can play "catch-up" on some things, like blogging.

I've been seriously delinquent with my participation in The Great Interview Experiment but today's the day. I'm providing responses and preparing to post responses. Please stay tuned.

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