Tuesday, December 1, 2009

And just like that, I missed Tuesday

We're preparing to descend from 30,000 feet, to arrive in Taipei at 5:40 a.m. local time. I left Austin at 6:30pm Monday. Whenever I hear the phrase "time flies" I think about this journey from CST to China/Taipei time and back.

I'll need to double check, but I think this leg took 14 hours. I slept some, ate dinner, watched a movie (The Orphan), slept some more, watched another movie (The Time Traveler's Wife), slept some more, watched another movie (500 Days of Summer), then started the regrouping process. I changed into comfy pants for the long leg - more conducive for napping in cramped quarters. To prepare for landing I make a final trip to the lavatory to change and brush my teeth.

I'm still praying for folks, but my focus is a little more practical. Maybe because I'm tired. It's not an excuse, but I confess that my prayers have included thoughts like "I pray for whoever is farting to stop" and "Lord, bless that woman. Her pacing and wild-eyed ways are worrisome." And for the woman next to me. She seemed cranky from the start. And she slept for most of the trip.

I'll be at the airport soon, hunting down a WiFi connection so I can log in and find out about the payment options my hubby's investigating so that I don't have to sleep in the park in Kunshan.

(Update from the airport – safely landed and am hanging out at my favorite "beer bar" drinking coffee and enjoying free wireless.)

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Anonymous said...

Following your trip like jet lag, ygw. Maybe I'll get caught-up tomorrow. This month is zipping by....I was going to comment on your prayers over the land as such a noble effort. Then, well, I am so sorry that woman ....just can't type it. lol. Thanking God you arrived safely.

THREE movies! BFF