Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Walk in the Kunshan, China

In front of the Swissotel there's a guy sitting on a bench, playing the saxophone.

Beside the hotel is a nice promenade where children and adults occasionally played with the pebbles and the running water.(I missed catching them in the act, but you may notice the water around the base - there was a lot of traffic in the water.)

Behind the hotel there's a small ensemble playing in the beer garden. I could almost hear the music.

In the park behind the hotel, there was an area for Tai Chi or other arts of the East.

The waterway was peaceful. The art, interesting. The air, fresh. A nice break from the smog.

I enjoyed my walk. I enjoyed the peace and the solitude. It was a quiet Sunday afternoon in the city of Kunshan.


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@therextras Thank you! I took about 700 photos so it's hard to decide which ones to post. :)