Friday, August 14, 2009

Café Chat August 14th

Today's topic: Operating outside of your "spiritual comfort zone."

As I thought about this topic, it occurred to me that each individual's "walk of faith" is the progressive result of continually stepping out of their spiritual comfort zone. If we stay in our comfort zone, we are stagnant, unchanging, not growing as Christians and probably not fulfilling our calls or our purpose. God has a purpose for each of us and we can't fulfill it if we're hiding from our destiny.

This blog was, at one time, a place where I operated outside of my comfort zone, but that is no longer true. I am very comfortable talking about my faith here. Twitter (I'm aka "yougottawonder") is often a place where I step out in faith - posting status updates based on scripture or based on my faith. But, alas, nothing dire ever happens as a result so it's becoming more and more comfortable to be open there, too.

Now I'm pushing new boundaries, and I've been flirting with ways and means to continue to grow and challenge myself - stepping outside of my comfort zone. A biggy has been the video blogs. Last week I took another step, telling an OT bible story from my heart.

I believe that if we're comfortable, we're not serving Him. It's when we grow uncomfortable that our faith is most likely to be tested and rewarded.

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