Sunday, August 9, 2009

About this blog

Maybe every blogger comes to a time when they feel compelled to explain why they blog. Here's my story:

"A Mother's Angst" began (in September '08) as a means to share the things I've learned about parenting. I'm the first to admit - most of what I've learned, I've learned through mistakes I've made. Occasionally (praise God) I'm able to share something that works well for us without identifying a painful path we took to get to the revelation. This post from March might be the best summary of my evolution as a parent, my transition from cool parent of young 'uns to uptight parent of teens to a reasonably moderate parent of one teen. The points that I make in my posts and the stories I tell should not be considered a reflection of who I've always been (I'm not that stagnant) or even who I am today (I often call on history to make a point). I don't spend a lot of time bragging about my children, not because they're not praiseworthy, but because those stories rarely yield a lesson.

If instead of writing about parenting, I chose to write about quitting smoking, naming the blog "A Smoker's Angst," telling stories of failed efforts and the ultimate success story, occasionally highlighting the joys of life as an ex-smoker, I would not expect you to assume that I smoked my entire life (started when I was ~15) or that I still smoke (quit over 5 years ago). But you might. You might judge me a smoker, that's the risk I'd run by talking about smoking. I probably wouldn't spend a lot of time elaborating on the joys of not smoking. I can much more readily talk about cigarette burns on leather car seats, losing a burning cherry while driving down the interstate with an open window, overflowing nasty ashtrays, cigarette breath, stinky clothes, etc. Giving me advice on how to quit smoking might be interesting, but not necessarily relevant (unless you wanted to host a post about your personal experience). You see, I'm already past those days. But given the opportunity I will gladly talk about quitting (even though I've already quit).

Although this blog began as a place for me to wail and moan on occasion, to confess some tales that might be less than flattering, to share in my experiences so that others might learn, it's evolved into a place where I worship and glorify God. I express here what God moves me to express (exegesis). Where you see His light shine, that's where I've successfully gotten out of the way of His message. Where you don't, that's where I've gotten in the way and muddied His word.

The banner has also evolved . Initially it was a plain blue wrapper. Then the weeping eye. Now the eye has grown smaller and the message from Jeremiah 31 has been added. Another change is coming and the weeping eye may disappear for good. These changes reflect my evolution, this blog's evolution, and maybe the changing interest of those who stop by. I've learned not to question, but to obey and respond accordingly.

Now, if you'll bear with me...I'll soon be posting a revised version of Judges 11, the story of Jephthah. I'm evolving my skills as a v-blogger. Your feedback is welcome.


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