Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thirst for Wisdom

Foolish people have no desire to learn or to gain understanding from others. They delight in airing their own opinions. Have you ever been around someone who seems to talk for the sake of talking?

I've learned the flip side of this, which is that some want to make sure you understand their point before they will give consideration to any point you're making. It is easier to play back their point than let them keep stating it and that often appeases their need. But sometimes that doesn't work. You have to let them see for themselves that their point is not valid.

I'm dealing with a foolish person at work. I know that fools can learn but I don't know how to predict when they will learn. I think I would be a fool to continue to rely on a fool.

In my search for wisdom I must accept that in heeding the wise words found in Proverbs 18:2, I must allow that if I don't want to be a fool I may need to recognize fools for what they are and steer clear!

This image may serve as a reminder - think of the spider as a fool who ensnares others with their foolishness. If we let ourselves get caught, if in our patience we wait for the "spider" to change its ways, we can expect to lose ourselves in foolishness.


HisFireFly said...

Good points, well said. Do not suffer a fool.

Anonymous said...

Still amazed. There's absolutely no way that you could be the fool? Not even a little bit? Maybe just slightly?

Naah they're consumed by the Devil obviously.