Monday, June 29, 2009

Monday Blueprint Madness

This is a cleverly integrated stairwell/bookcase. It appeals to me because there is no waste. This is how my life feels right now. Nothing wasted. Every minute is busy and occupied. Hopefully that which occupies my time is worthwhile. Sometimes I wonder.

I've been thinking about my compulsion to reach my destination rather than enjoy the journey. I've been taking the stairs at work (4 flights) instead of the elevator. It's good exercise, surely. I wonder how much different the experience would be if I were climbing a stairwell lined with books. Initially, I'm sure I would slow down. My ADD nature would cause me to stop and look at titles, occasionally pulling a book off the shelf and considering its merits. I have a stack of "to-reads" to prove that I'm easily baited.

How many trips up/down the stairs would it take for me to become numb to the color, texture, thickness, height...the overwhelming variety of tempting treasures? How long before I became immune to the distraction and returned my focus to the destination? The door at the top of the stairs that takes me to my office or the door at the bottom that leads to freedom at the end of the day - they too easily become the center of my thoughts.

Life is similar. What's next for me? What's behind the door at the top of the stairs? I'm learning the importance of taking in my environment, considering the colors and shapes of all that surround me. Appreciating and stopping to investigate that which intrigues and titillates. Slowing down and not being in such an all-fired rush all of the time.

God, help me to enjoy the journey of this life and to stop speeding through it in my rush to my next destination. Thank you for all that you put before me to distract me and to give me pause.

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