Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Lent is a season of giving. Too bad for Hallmark they haven't figured out this is a market they could tap into. Forty days of giving. That's a lot of sentiment that could be shared.

I was in Taipei last week so I missed Mardi Gras / Shrove Tuesday. I missed Ash Wednesday. It's taken me a while to snap out of the jet lag. So today, a week into the season, I realized that I haven't really done anything significant as a commitment to "intentional" time/effort growing closer to God. While I ponder this situation, I will credit myself with 1) devoting Monday evenings to Bible study during Lent (since the Lenten service ties up the usual Wednesday night meeting) and 2) devoting myself to the express effort of picking up/dropping off Daughter #2 before/after Church on Sundays and Wednesdays (and when I'm not the driver I'm very supportive of my darling hubby, who is).

I'm newly part of a writing ministry that will be creating Lenten devotionals for next year. Perhaps I'll devote some daily time to this effort. A non-blog writing effort. I think I'm liking this idea.



dallasdiva said...

Go non blog writing effort. I love you writing the blog, but I'm also still waiting on the Great American Novel that resides in you . . .

you gotta wonder said...

Diva, You're so sweet!