Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Wednesday Wants

When I got the e-mail from NaBloPoMo, I ignored it. Later my sister prodded me and with all of about 3 seconds of consideration I signed up. The theme this month is "WANT."

Ironically, I blog because I want to be a writer and to be a writer one must write. The more I blog, the more readily I write (blog or elsewhere). My writing on this site has come to be much like the articles I write for my church's monthly magazine. This blog is less journal, more homily.

Psalm 23, familiar to almost everyone, says "The LORD is my shepherd, I shall not want."

That is not a promise that we will never have unrequited desires, but rather that our needs are met through Him. A commitment to write every day for a month certainly satisfies my immediate desire to write more.



Anonymous said...

Well, I suspect you have a congregation of more than one, even if I am the only one who shouts "Amen!"

I realized yesterday that while I shunned NaBloPoMo, in making a commitment to support you (via comments) I was making a daily commitment anyway. chkl.

And, too, that this task is almost like a lenten commitment. Gotta follow a calling to write. BFF

you gotta wonder said...

Thank you Barbara! That is very sweet. I appreciate your support.