Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh! Those Guppies! Desperate Fishwives, Episode V

Tragedy! After 4 weeks, the last litter of our proud late heroine Mama Guppy were released into the tank. This is a full week older than the 1st was when she was released. There were almost 20 fry in the nursery. A nursery so thick with algae the walls were opaque. Solid green. No visibility.

In the midst of the green, the babies all seemed to be doing fine. The nursing staff definitely had their act together during this extended incubation period. There were a few (2 or 3) fry that seemed to be runts and it was clear that they might become collateral damage in the release. By "collateral damage" I mean "snack food" for the general population.

The horror! All but the runts are gone! Vanished! Nosh for the cannibals! I can't imagine that the few survivors will last through the weekend. Hansel & Gretel they are...being fattened up for tomorrow's dining pleasure.

Oh, the lack of humanity. Oh, the fish! Oh! Those Guppies!!!


Anonymous said...

I gotta wonder, about you. lol. I start to imagine you garnering serial aquariums for each new litter (are they really called litters?) into it's own new world to, ahem, have inc*st. If I ever come to your home and see the living room looks like a wall in PetSmart, I will have completely succumbed to saving every possible guppy.

I pray that will not happen. chkl. Barbara

dallasdiva said...

I love you with all my heart, but you quack me up cause you are a total freak.

Poor breakfast guppies

you gotta wonder said...

Sometimes I wonder about myself. ;)

I suspect that when work and family make my head spin, it's easier to fret about the fish. Or at least to contemplate them with deep thoughts and then go on about my business. Few of my problems can be solved with a replacement that costs less than $2.00.