Saturday, January 17, 2009

Lingering thoughts: Typos

I've been a woman of action today. A regular whirling dervish. Maybe it's the antihistamine. I'm not sure, but it's working for me. After last weekend I joked that I had a million things to do, and I'd only gotten 40 items completed. This week I had the pleasure of joining 2 fellow bloggers in San Marcos for lunch (Jeanette and Barbara). Better than that - I carpooled with Jeanette. During the ride, Jeanette and I talked about managing our inboxes (Outlook e-mail and incoming snail mail). This weekend I've made huge progress slogging through an incredible amount of e-mail in my work inbox. Meanwhile, I've been thinking about the principal she spelled out for me.

"We need to remember that not all tasks are alike. Some tasks are projects. When writing your to-do list, don't neglect the many tasks required to complete some projects." Those weren't her words, but that's how I internalized the message. With that in mind, I've been having a lot of fun knocking down the list. There are fewer than 999,900 things left to do!

Some of what I'd like to do is post some random items that have amused me, made me think about life, or otherwise prompted me to say "I ought to blog about that."

Today's subject: Typos.

The first is a sign that we saw at the Austin airport as we were preparing to leave for Syracuse (early December). I love the Holliday spirit. I'm assuming this is some reference to "Doc" Holliday. We'll ignore the background music playing Carols.

The next sample is truly remarkable. This was posted at the rental car facility at the Miami airport on Christmas day.

I'm proud of my very literate son who spotted the sign, then dragged me over to make sure I didn't miss it. What really leaves me wondering is that both of these signs are crafted on computers. Computers with "spell check" capability. Are people so confident in their spelling they believe they are above reproach?

Have you ever had Microsoft tell you you'd misspelled a word that you were confident you'd spelled correctly? Did you double-check?

At least these signs had warm sentiment to soften the cringe of their "sincerally" crafted message of "happyness" from their "bussines" during the "Holydays."

Peace on earth, good will to all men and women, even those who can't spell.

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