Saturday, January 10, 2009

Desperate Fishwives, Episode IV

After the passing of Mama Guppy there was an appropriate period of mourning. Something on the order of a day or two. Papa Guppy and the boyfriend are oblivious to the world of hurt (and true desperation) they inflicted on MG. Bless her heart, she just gave up. "Done" to death. Maybe it was the shock of the cyclical isolation every three weeks, then the sudden return to the amorous attention of the fellas. Regardless, she gave her all.

By this time, the eldest guppette was maturing into a beautiful, alluring young guppy. Pretty clearly a "she." And she was not escaping the attention of the adult males. In the absence of MG, they began to pester and pursue the lovely lady. For one of the males, most probably the boyfriend, the worst accusation to be made was inappropriate behavior with a minor. For the other, clearly this was incest! The whole scene quickly became very disturbing. In an effort to thwart their attention, two new adult females were introduced into the mix. Lady Gray looks like a mature version of our young guppy. MG Junior looks just like a junior version of Mama Guppy. Papa Guppy began pursuing her immediately. Boyfriend began chasing Lady Gray. By the end of their first day in the tank, both females were trying desperately to get out of the tank! This was almost as disturbing as the incestuous behavior. Poor little virginal things were getting quite the welcome.

Now that some time has passed things have settled down. Everyone seemed happy in the aquarium. Except for the town Mayor, who swept in and swept up. Today was spent in an environmental overhaul. An "Extreme Makeover."

Each of the Mayor's recent travels involved leaving a little brick of time-release dinners for the tetra & guppy inhabitants. Each of those little bricks left behind unsightly white flakes of gunk. And the algae is ridiculous. Photos are currently prohibited due to the Mayor's embarrassment at the implied neglect. Because the Mayor has many duties beyond tank maintenance, the job was not finished in a day. The extreme makeover will be completed tomorrow. Photos to follow.

Side Note: The cory (bottom feeder) is hiding behind the heater. It is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. I doubt I can get a picture (because he's hiding - it would just look like a picture of the heater). I thought I might have accidentally pulled him out with the "green" greenery because after all of the decor was removed, he was MIA.



Anonymous said...

Hmmm...notice the crimes committed by the males are determined by the status of the females (underage, daughter).

So you attribute human relationships to fish and you call me analytical?

Careful with those photos - 'though I doubt you will catch them in THE ACT. Better not try video clips online. hehe.
Agape, Barbara

you gotta wonder said...

I probably peg the scale on analytical thinking. That's probably why we see eye-to-eye.

And yes, I suppose I'd have to change the rating on this site if I get too much more graphic!