Sunday, October 12, 2008

What a weekend! So busy notwriting!

A couple of sleepless nights. What's on my mind? What demons haunt me? Notwriting.

I've been busy with lots of stuff. I cleaned house. Did laundry. Hung out in my yard. Took pictures (I'm now a nature photographer). Produced a CD of youngest's marching band's performances. Lots of activities, all of which are notwriting. I should be writing.

Today I committed to write. Really write - not blogwrite. After church, my handsome hubby (who visited our old church for the sake of saying "thank you for your support of Kairos") called to say "meet me at the driving range". We hit a bucket 'o balls, then went home for lunch. Then our oldest called. Then hubby went to pick up our youngest (who had been at paintball with the youth group). Right after he left, "M" called. Then my parents called (they're getting ready to leave for a 10-day trip to Hawaii!). By then, hubby and youngest were home. Then dinner, and a movie (not my choice, but occasionally I have to be sociable with the loving husband). Now, it's time for bed. So...another day of notwriting.

I'm glad to have talked to my girls. I thought maybe we'd even hear from our youngest daughter, given the nature of things. I'm keeping them all in my prayers. Including during the night, in the hours that I didn't sleep.

I have a couple of things on my mind that I need/want to write about. Maybe tomorrow I can stop notwriting long enough to write.

Parenting is too important to sacrifice, but the housekeeping? The nature photos? The blogging? Hmmm. I must consider my priorities. I looked up "blogging" ("To write entries in, add material to, or maintain a weblog.") and I might consider limiting time spent reading other people's posts. Pity, because a lot of what I've hit on is hugely entertaining. I guess I've made my point.....

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