Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Our confederate rose

Our Conferate Rose is about to bloom. This is a plant that is supposed to bloom all summer. It is a mallow (a member of the hibiscus family). It is a southern staple. Mid-summer, I infused its soil with compost. Rich, ripe, royal compost. Nutrient (and cow-dung) rich compost. As a result, this plant is 9 feet tall. But...year after year this bad boy has waited until right before the first freeze to produce its blossoms. This plant is the child of a plant that lived in Lago Vista, at our old home. Same behavior. So, here it is October and I'm finally seeing buds. I consider this plant the harbinger of winter. By the time I post a picture of this bush in its full glory, covered in beautiful pink blossoms, we will be within a week of our first freeze. Here is an image from November, 2006. Before all of the buds bloomed, we had a freeze.

And how does this relate to parenting? No matter how much care, nurturing, nutrition, monitoring, hovering, etc. the ultimate results of our tending are outside of our control. When they are ready to bloom, they will bloom. When the world is ready to deliver harsh reality, so it will follow. There is nothing we can do to protect our delicate flowers from the world. By protecting them, we would rob the world of their beauty.