Saturday, October 4, 2008

It has been a great week!

Saturday wraps up on a high. My parents are in town and we've been having a great visit. I love my folks and consider them an inspiration. 25 years ago (or so) I would have been horrified if you'd threatened me that they were my future, but now I rejoice in our similarities. ;)

"C" broke through her shroud of silence and volunteered 2 e-mails! "H" called my loving hubby, and she called "M" this week! Sisterly chats? Wow, what progress. This was something I always expected, but it's taken longer than I thought it would. We talked to "M" and are working out plans to come visit. Her position seems to be "sooner rather than later"! We're also working out plans to see our oldest Grandson.

Out of the blue, we heard from an old "lake buddy" who moved to PA about the time we moved to RR, TX. She's saying "YES! Come visit!" so we'll keep the eastern side of the state in our travel plans.

"T" was part of a terrific band competition today, which inspired this month's Trumpet submission. He's now at a school dance, and I'm keeping myself up to go get him in about 20 minutes.....

Today's entry reads like a journal, but when you commit to 1/day, I guess some will be that way.

(If you missed the commitment, check the 31 for 21 entry).

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