Monday, October 20, 2008

50% of our children leave the nest, then return???

Yesterday I picked up a book called "1001 Things Every Teen Should Know Before They Leave Home (Or Else They'll Come Back)" by Harry H. Harrison, Jr. It states that 50% of our children will return home 5-6 years after leaving. GOOD GRIEF!

OK, I took the bait. I decided that in the time remaining with our 14 year old, there is plenty of opportunity to teach him 1001 things. Let's see.... Item #1 "Adulthood is not for sissies." Great. How do I slip that into casual conversation? And what do we do with that info? It's not like he can "opt out".

"O.K. Mom, I've decided not to pursue adulthood."

This had better get better or I want my money back.


you gotta wonder said...

I love my son! After we discussed the sage advice "Let them know that adulthood is not for sissies" he's been randomly reading the book. This is much better than expected. Actual discussions in progress!!!

Jeanette said...

Woo Hoo! You go girl! I just can't imagine what went through my mom's head when I moved out and to Japan at 19? I KNOW that she thought that I was a flake and not at all prepared for adulthood yet alone marriage. Well, the marriage didn't work so well, but I have managed to grasp the adulthood part.